Gorialogics innovative team is always there to analyze market trends and business needs find all possible means using cutting edge most emerging technologies to uplift your business graph. Join us to spread your words, promote your brands, pitch your target client right on their finger tips using mobile technology.  We provide solutions to your needs to take your business to new heights developing mobile applications that run across mobile platform targeting iphone, ipad, android, black berry tablets.

Gorialogics provide rich internet application experience right on your desktop machine using today’s most emerging and demanding platform. Adobe AIR, run time lets developers use developers proven web technology to build rich internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems. Now you don’t have to bother to develop separate applications for windows and MAC. All you need to package your application, have Adobe AIR runtime on your machine and experience the rich, interactive, internet application that meet your quality business needs.

As a web developer, Gorialogics offer a rich set of skills in the development and deployment of feature-rich web sites and web based applications. With a vast design and development experience in Microsoft and Linux based technologies, Gorialogics have developed intuitive, highly-functional websites in support of social networking interfaces, corporate messaging, commerce and online sales, as well as dynamic web-based applications built to support a client's business rules to serve end-user expectations.

  • Muhammad Adil Owner/ Co-Founder

  • Muhammad Amir Co-Founder/CEO Gorialogics

  • Zubaida Team Lead, Web development

  • Muhammad Abid Software Engineer

  • Abida Software Engineer

  • Iqra Rasool Accounts Manager

  • Anila Content Writer